Our new manufacturing facility offers us the opportunity to optimise our new co-extrusion capabilities to manufacture a variety of stretch films. Our Polymer Technologists are continually working to develop a pallet wrap film that provide the ultimate performance with the least impact on the environment.

We have developed a new generation of thinner stretch films that exceed the performance levels of standard stretch films; these are available for both hand and machine application.

  • Pallet Wrap
  • Load Stabilisation Film
  • Waste Wrap Film
  • Stretch Hooding

Total Super Blend

Total Super Blend is a film that offers thinner gauge stretch films that will stabilise a load that previously would have used up to 3 microns thicker film.

Total Pre Stretch

Total Pre Stretch is a film that offers the same performance levels as much thicker films; these films are highly regarded in the logistics industry. Total Pre Stretch films are manufactured down to a thickness of 6 micron yet still achieve the same levels of product protection and pallet load stability as the more usual 14 or 17 micron films.

New Generation Films

The positive impact our new generation films have on the environment cannot be ignored.

  • Up to 50% less film is put into the waste stream due to reduced thickness.
  • Carbon emissions reduced due to the increased number of metres per reel therefore less pallets to transport and deliver.
  • Less cardboard cores and boxes put into the waste stream due to double length reels over standard stretch film.

Stretch Hooding Machine in Action

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