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Mailed To Perfection

Total Polyfilm specialises in polythene mailing solutions for the e-commerce market.

Our polythene mailing bags are an ideal solution for most e-commerce companies who despatch goods in large amounts.

We can provide both custom film and bags to suit your needs.

For more bespoke solutions, all our products is made to order for you.

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We provide many versatile solutions, and also currently offer a stock range of grey/black unprinted mailers which can be purchased at any time, per pallet load.

All our bags include one or two self seal strips/tape depending on your preferences.

They are designed to work just 30 seconds after closure, so the bag cannot be reopened without damage for security purposes.

Click & collect bags are becoming ever more popular, and we can manufacture bags to these specifications with captive or punched out handles for easy return.


Introducing new BIOCYKE range

Biocyke is a new and unique product Total Polyfilm are pleased to introduce and launch into the E-Commerce market.


What are the benefits to biocyke?

  • Up to 50% Bio Marine Waste & Recycled Content
  • 100% Recyclable
  • Includes 25% recycled content and 25% Bio Marine Waste Content
  • Produced in the UK in BRC Grade certified conditions
  • Equivalent strength to existing mailing filims/bags
  • Lowers your carbon footprint & impact on the climate


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