Agricultural Film - Total Polyfilm

Farm Film

Our agricultural film, Farm film has our unique multi- layer construction, instant bond and long term adhesion, elimination ‘tailing’ after wrapping and complete air-fastness for minimum of 12 months.

Tried and tested to withstand the extremes of weather conditions ranging from harsh Nordic winters to high summer temperatures of continental Europe and the wet climes of Britain and Ireland.

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Farm film is manufactured using the latest extrusion technology in our new Preston facility.

This new technology has provided farm film with;

  • Increased puncture and tear resistance.
  • Ensured our double sided cling gives you an airtight bale in all weather conditions even when wrapping at night.
  • UV stability offering protection to bales wrapped in all climates giving you peace of mind that your bales are safe and secure when stored.
  • Farm Film resists oxygen due to the structure of the layers of film during manufacture.
  • Farm Film is 100% recyclable.


Farm Film in the field

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